Write a commercial script lesson plan

Did you enjoy or like this commercial? Although most of these examples were designed to have one clear answer, be sure to emphasize to the students that pathos, logos, and ethos are not always separate entities and may often overlap with one another.

Encourage students to make connections to examples of each of the terms they have used in persuasive writing of their own. The assignment is for them to come up with a product that does not exist, write a commercial for the product, then perform it for the class.

When students are ready, check for understanding by several volunteers present one of the advertisements they analyzed, briefly discussing the effective use of persuasive techniques. Use this activity as a beginning activity in your critical reading curriculum. Students can create a commercial for their advertised product.

For example, you may mention that patriotism is a strategy meant to evoke certain emotions, and would therefore constitute a use of pathos. Students should also record any of the "other strategies" explained on Persuasive Techniques in Advertising handout, also required as part of the final project.

Write the script for the first section, which is the only bit which requires you to plan heavily in advance. Divide the class into four or five small groups. From simple, one day activities, to an entire unit plan, this resource has it all!

Distribute the Analyzing Ads handout and discuss the expectations and format for response. Write a Commerical Lesson Plan written by: Have students use the Planning Your Advertisement sheet to plan for an advertisement that will target the previously determined demographic, and demonstrate pathos, logos, ethos, and three of the "other strategies.

Have students write their personal reactions to the symbols, catchwords, and catchphrases in column 2 of their own worksheets. These will be used to spread awareness of the simple acts that can be done each day at school and home to help our Earth.

They are welcome to pantomime objects if they feel the need to. As a Drama Game, this is grand fun. Lead your students gradually through the process, and they will be able to learn it more easily. Session Six Students will use this session to begin to synthesize all they have learned about advertising and begin creating a commercial for a fictional product.The partners might decide who would be better at creating the packaging and who would be better at writing the script for the TV commercial that will sell their toothpaste.

Using ideas they brainstormed, the "artist" will work up a pencil draft of the package while the "writer" works up a script for a TV commercial.

Lesson Plan Source. This activity is not purely pantomime; the students will script the commercial and perform using words. As a Drama Game, this is grand fun. It gives the students the opportunity to collaborate, to let their creative juices run wild, to write a short script, to rehearse, and to perform.

This drama lesson plan and activity can lead to discussions and assignments in other school subjects, such as Social Studies and English.

slide 1 of 4. The Drama Game. Write a Commercial for a Product That Does Not Exist! It gives the students the opportunity to collaborate, to let their creative juices run wild, to write a short script, to. Find commercial script writing lesson plans and teaching resources.

Quickly find that inspire student learning.

Vote for Me! Making Presidential Commercials Using Avatars

Writing a script for lesson plans involves working out what you are going to say to explain a new idea or concept to the students. More experienced teachers often do this planning without being conscious of it, although if you are new to teaching, then it can be daunting to stand in front of students without a plan.

folsom-orangevalecounseling.comm commercial for class or prepare an audio tape or videotape and share the finished product with the class. folsom-orangevalecounseling.com the students have performed their commercials, the students viewing will write on notebook paper one of the following phrases: I want it!

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Write a commercial script lesson plan
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