Phi445 week 3 discussion 1

Keep in mind that although the notion of the moral good will vary among ethical theories, they often produce the same or similar results. In the second portion of the assignment, you will also explain the three fundamental principles you would use to guide a company Phi445 week 3 discussion 1 you owned or began, and then you will explain why you find those principles the most important for running a company.

Consider, for example, the case of Uber that we examined in Week Two. Start by reading the feedback provided by your professor to your initial post, either directly to you or to your fellow students.

Instructions There are two parts to this assignment. It is recommended that you leaf through all the required resources indicated for the possible case-categories that you identify as possible contenders before making your final choice. Personal Profile Describe and conduct research on yourself Sachteleben, n.

You must use at least ten scholarly sources at least six of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library other than the textbook. Click on the Writing Center AWC tab in the left-navigation menu, in your online course, to learn more about these tutoring options and how to get help with your writing.

You are encouraged to research relevant laws and regulations to make sure that you have current information.

Your first task is to articulate the economic system or combination of characteristics of both socialism and capitalism that such laws depict. Have you ever had any unusual experiences? And your fourth task is to present your moral position with regard to Uber.

Please explain why you chose each virtue or principle and how it would foster good business. Training Programme Workshop What are your primary values?

In these journals, the research and information is either reviewed by an editorial team such as for the Academy of Management Review or a group of peers such as in many journals you find through the Ashford Online Library.

Each of your replies should be at least words and informed by the course material. Identify at least ten academic sources at least six of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library.

In Journal One, you identified conflict as it might appear in our everyday world and from other sources. Use all of the material presented to you in the course and by your professor, in addition to any other sources that you consulted to inform yourself about the case but not Wikipedia or similar sources.

Since the subject of your examination is the Starbucks case, make sure to view the relevant multimedia carefully with an eye toward the various ethical problems that this company has had to confront.

PHI 445 Week 5 Discussion Questions

Does the case take place in the United States or another country? The following illustration should help.

Deontology PowerPoint PPT Presentations

Deontological Theories duty 'maintain Remember that your grade depends on the quality of your initial and revised responses, not just on the submission of an attempt at improvement.

What causes do you participate or hope to participate in? It should address the prompt in its entirety. In Journal One, you identified conflict as it might appear in our everyday world and from other sources.

PHI 445 Week 1 Discussion Questions

In addition, your references should include any other sources that you consult to inform yourself about your chosen case category but not Wikipedia or similar sources. For information regarding the annotated bibliography, refer to the Sample Annotated Bibliography found in the Ashford Writing Center within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar.

For the purposes of the work for this week, it will be necessary to read only thesubsection called Clarification and Support.

Submit a revision of your initial post by either replying to your own post, or to the feedback provided to you by your professor. In many instances, Uber cars come equipped with water, candy, and magazines, all for free. Indicate which of the following rules and principles were not observed when this diagram was constructed.

Introduction to Literature for more information about the purpose and expecta jack's insight: PowerPoint PPT presentation free to download Kant's ethics is a form of 'deontology' focuses on duty PowerPoint PPT presentation free to download deontology duties utilitarianism consequences The required material for this discussion will introduce you to what is new about Uber as a business model, the profit incentive in business, and how laws can make or break innovation in business.

Duties are not defined before the act which is being judged Deontology as a moral theory insists that we have moral duties to do certain A guide to critical thinking.

This subsection explains the kind of support needed in an argumentative essay for the claims offered in its premises, which students in this course must know in order to apply in discussions and both assignments.The purpose of the AGREE II, is to provide a framework to: the quality of guidelines; folsom-orangevalecounseling.come a methodological strategy for the development of guidelines; and what information and how information ought to be reported in guidelines.

Rating and reviews for Professor Gloria Zuniga Y Postigo from Ashford University - Clinton Clinton, PHI For Credit: Yes Attendance: Mandatory Textbook Used: Yes Would Take Again: but she makes up for that by only assigning one discussion per week & giving you the opportunity to revise it before she grades it.

You have to read/watch. PHI Week 3 Discussion Currrent Business Problems: Case Studies: Lehman Brothers, British Petroleum, Monsanto, Merck, Goodyear, Perdue Farms Prepare: In your first post in this discussion, you will identify and apply one ethical theory of your choosing to a.

RD – z, t, or Chi-Square Test Study Background During this week you will work in your group discussion area to identify a research question created in week 1 that would utilize any of the following: z test, t test for single sample, independent samples t.

asked by Nancy McGee on. PHI PHI/ PHI week 3 assignment Annotated Bibliography- NEW. ENG ENG/ ENG WEEK 3 DISCUSSION 2 Peer Review - NEW. Review. Your first post for this discussion thread is due on Thursday, Day 3 of this week.

Your responses to your classmates are due on Monday, Day 7. PHI/ PHI PHI WEEK 4 DISCUSSION 1 Power Station Cost-Benefit Analysis - LATEST Power Station Cost-Benefit Analysis A power station is planned in your local area and you have been requested to submit a primary cost-benefit analysis of the potential economic and environmental impact that the station could have.

Phi445 week 3 discussion 1
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